5 Top-Notch Marketing Conferences

A great marketing conference will offer one-of-a-kind perspectives on trending insider information in traditional and digital marketing. Speakers will help to lead and enhance expert learning sessions for a great full-bodied conference program that should focus on marketing strategies, business and consumer relations management, and other vital elements of your company’s marketing campaigns that is carried on, offline.

Marketing Conferences 2011

There are quite a few marketing conferences that can benefit anyone from the smallest business owner to a well-known public brand.

  1. Contagious: The Science of Word-of-Mouth Marketing Conference is held on June 30th, 2011 in NY, New York. This unique marketing conference provides industry expertise about findings into what really influences consumer decisions and how to use the old fashioned method of word-of-mouth advertising to build a larger audience.
  2. The PRSA 2011 will be held in Orlando, Florida on Sunday October 16th. This conference with the intriguing title of Bringing Sexy Back to Marketing is focused on show-and-tell presentations that are loaded with real case study information on maintaining great offline marketing campaigns as well as integrating online and offline efforts for greater possibilities.
  3. The American Management Association produces many conferences and seminars all around the U.S. regularly. One of their most vital seminars is the Fundamentals of Marketing: Your Action Plan for Success course. This course takes those new to marketing and gives them a thorough overview of exactly what they need to know, the most basic fundamentals behind successful marketing campaigns. Important marketing skill development begins here. Since these are covered in cities in the U.S. at various times it is best to check there schedule for this program.
  4. The Direct Marketing Conference is held October 1st through 6th in 2011 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts. This global event focuses on learning how to effectively develop successfully integrated marketing campaigns. Increasing the understanding of how to leverage data and other attributions. Networking with many peers from over 50+ countries can be quite an experience for any visiting this conference.
  5. The International Professional Communications Conference is an incredibly beneficial tool to any offline marketing campaign. This yearly conference held on the University of Cincinnati campus October 17th through October 19th can be an imperative element in training your entire marketing department on how to communicate effectively, and proactively with your possible consumers.

Over 90% of retail sales and word-of-mouth referrals still happen offline. It may be a dire mistake to put all of your marketing eggs into one digital basket with statistics like this still lingering around.

More than 93 percent of retail sales and 90 percent of word-of-mouth referrals happen offline. Yet, brands seem obsessed with using the latest and greatest social media tools to build customer loyalty. It is time to bring sexy back to word-of-mouth marketing and implement communications plans that fully engage customers, both online and offline.

  • Experience a show-and-tell presentation loaded with case studies and actionable best practice advice on how to engage and encourage customers to tell others about the brands they find talk-able.
  • Uncover the importance of investing in a strategy that engages employees and customers first, before you think about your technology plan.
  • Learn the importance of integrating online and offline programs, and tips for implementing both.



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