Social Media or Social Spamming?

I am constantly deluged on social media venues by requests from friends and connections to join or participate in some program (app), to either play a game, recommend them for something or showcase my or their accomplishments.

How much do you have?

At first, my impulse was to say yes to everything, try a new game or say,  ‘Sure, I am more than happy to recommend a friend or find out where I stand’. So I would click on the link to approve the connection between the social media venue and the application.

Initially I did not read the fine print. Then I started getting complaints from people telling me to stopping spamming them. I was even warned by a colleague that one particular recommendation app ‘stole’ people’s passwords.

Stik review review, a good idea or spam

Although I was unable to discover the certainty of that, I did begin to read the fine print when requests were made that required linking my social media information with their application. This is what I found.


For permission, read the fine print and sign on the dotted line

There is an application called Mixtent that draws upon one’s pool of professional connections on LinkedIn. I really don’t know what to make of it. One votes to choose who is superior to whom in a variety of categories as pairs of profiles appear. As each vote is cast, another pair pops up. This continues for a while and then the voting temporarily stops. A message appears asking if you wish to contact the people you voted for. The goal, it appears, is to let them know two things:
1. that you have voted for them
2. yours and their standing in various categories to boost credibility and reputation

But since the rounds of voting are short, the message request appears often. Since the same person often wins more than one round,  contacting them each time can begin to feel like one is spamming the winners rather than acknowledging them.


And the winner is . . .

Three of the most popular social media venues, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn have all gotten on the bandwagon to partner with various applications. What the consequences will be in the long run is unpredictable. This may be harmless; it may be helpful.


A gift or an imposition?

It is possible that these social media based connections are a way for the applications involved to take your information and spam everyone you know. At worst, it may involve the use of private, personal information that was not meant to be shared with anyone.

Branch Out

Getting caught in the branches while picking the fruit?

Due to the competition between the major social media players for highest ranking, there is no telling the lengths to which they will go to capture a stronghold on the major share of the social media marketplace. Time will tell how much these venues will sacrifice the privacy of their users to achieve and maintain their own glory. One can hope that much more good than harm or inconvenience will come of these competitive and technological marriages between social media and their trophy, application mates.




  1. As someone who is trying to start showing my art online your post was very helpful. I actually don’t like much of the social media stuff but decided to play the game to promote myself. Thanks for the food for thought.

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