3 Ways to Raise Your Writing Pay Rate with Social Media Networking

Unless you have been living under a rock, the virtual or digital kind, you have seen the impact that social media has begun to have on our society, indeed, our world.

Quake-riddled Haiti, and Tsunami-struck Japan have reaped direct benefits by using Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook to find survivors, locate safe havens, and even to reach out to the world for financial help for their devastated communities. It worked for them on a grandly impressive scale.

So how do you harness this social networking power for yourself as a freelancer? Easy, and not as time-consuming as you may think.

Link Up with LinkedIn

Create a LinkedIn account immediately if you do not already have one. LinkedIn’s influence on prospective employers continues to increase as they continually expand their own business-related network. As a matter of fact, many employers will now ask for LinkedIn profiles before they consider hiring writers for top-notch and high paying projects.

You can’t just create your account and scamper off though, be sure you reach out to those in your network to ask for references and recommendations. Using LinkedIn as a source of professional profiling will also allow you to use a feature that they will begin implementing in 2011, the “Apply with Your LinkedIn” account element will go into effect this year and allow businesses to use LinkedIn to request and collect resumes for a future position.

Not only will this make your LinkedIn profile an important element in your business proposals, it will make your LinkedIn account a much more influential option than your online freelance writing portfolio.

Facebook Furiously

If you don’t already have a Facebook profile, climb out from under that heavy old rock and create one quickly. One of the unfortunate aspects of being a Freelance Writer, is that much of the work completed by a freelancer is not directly credited to them. However, this doesn’t mean that you should balk at helping to spread their message. It also doesn’t mean you should claim the work if not given leave to.

When your work goes live, head to the clients site to click all the proper social media buttons that pertain to the social media accounts you own. Even though you may not get credit for the body of work directly, you will definitely perk a clients interest when their content receives many more views than is usual. When they do a search and find out that their many new views came from your social media accounts, you may find yourself with one seriously impressed client who will return to you again and again for future projects.

Toss It Into Twitter

Again, if you don’t already have a Twitter account (where have you been anyway?) you will need to create one immediately. Just as with Facebook, sharing the links of content you have created with your Twitter followers will help to garner your client increasing views, as well as promoting their own social media brand awareness.

This is priceless advertising and marketing for your clients and will not go unnoticed for long as they see their brand expanding due to your content.

Put Yourself On Their Radar

You may write the most superb content around, pleasing clients and increasing the quality of content on their sites as you go, but if you do not make the extra effort to share the content, you may receive the unfair assumption that you are just another freelancer, easily replaceable, and certainly unworthy of any increase in pay.

However, putting a bit of social media influence behind each and every post could quickly make you a highly important asset to any online marketing campaign, and thus garner you the status of lucrative investment, which no digital business will find easy to ignore.

Additionally, don’t forget to ask these employers for recommendations on your LinkedIn account before your business relationship ends.






  1. Two thumbs up! This article is my favourite! I’ll surely recommend this to my co-workers.

  2. Viktoria says:

    I always make sure to share contents on our site to my facebook account. My boss is very happy with it. He is planning on creating a facebook fan page and have me handle it.

  3. I don’t have a LinkedIn account but after reading this post. I was convinced to create one. I never thought it will do well. Thanks!

  4. John L. says:

    Twitter is a must have if you have an online store or site. Get as much as many followers so they can easily be updated. It will also increase viewers.

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