Klout Measures Your Clout On LinkedIn Social Business Network

Have you ever wondered how your resume stacks up against others with much the same experience as you? Fortunately, Klout, the startup that previously only measured a person’s influence across the social media board, and LinkedIn, the business-related social networking site, has now partnered up to allow users to see their own influence when it comes to their professional LinkedIn profiles.

Klout and LinkedIn Action

Klout will now quickly assess a user’s ability to influence action on LinkedIn. It will also measure who users may be influencing on LinkedIn and how they are being influenced.

Now when LinkedIn is added to the Klout dashboard, the LinkedIn connections a user has, as well as their activities on the business networking site, will be collaborated with the user’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. From these three accounts, a Klout score will be generated.

Klout CEO and co-founder Joe Fernandez has shared that LinkedIn has been one of the top request from users who want to expand their Klout scores with information from other social media networks besides the previously integrated Twitter and Facebook sites. Klout also shows on their dashboard that integration for Foursquare is not far behind.

While Klout developers passed up the chance to share the exact specifics on what is analyzed, they have shared that part of the analysis will be formulated by the users interactions on LinkedIn. These interactions include who users are interacting with, the type of content users share with their contacts, and the users influence in relation to the responses from those on their LinkedIn network. Klout has also made it clear that the number of connections have no influence in users Klout scoring system. Quality, not quantity, is what Klout is looking for when determining users scores.

Why Does Klout Score Matter?

Unless you have been living under a digital rock, you are well aware of the role that social media plays in internet business and marketing. However, the common sense aspect may not be all that is important when it comes to your Klout and social media influence scores.

Currently, brands and businesses are beginning to test programs that will provide benefits to social media and network users with higher Klout scores. In addition, Klout is currently scouting to help identify experts on a large variety of topics.

Last but not least, if your career involves working with and managing social media accounts, a high Klout score will obviously give you a leg up on your competition.

Who Uses Klout?

Obviously, anyone in a business that will benefit from a great online presence will benefit from a increasing Klout score, but who is actively using this method of measuring a person’s social networking influence?

One of the most well-known Klout reliant companies is the Huffington Post. They have integrated Klout into their article posts to help them locate the highest influencers. The Huffington Post is known for being on the cutting edge of the integration of social media on their site. Huffington Post viewers gives users the ability to not only know who is mentioning an article, but who the highest influencers are on a topic.

Clout with Klout in Vegas

Who doesn’t want some kind of clout in Vegas?  When visitors check into the Palm Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, they may be surprised at what influences the treatment they receive while checked into this top notch resort.

As visitors approach the check-in desk, and their information is pulled up on the reservation screen, another element is included besides just their credit card and personal request. If a visitor suddenly finds themselves invited to the exclusive Hugh Hefner Villa, they may be entirely shocked to understand that it is their Klout score that garnered them this top-notch invitation.

Palm Hotel and Casino uses Klout scores to judge each visitors worth as a consumer. The Palms’ marketing office, Jason Gastwirth is building the Klout Klub for visitors who have the highest and most influential Klout scores. These influential visitors may be privy to some of the Palms’ most impressive set of amenities.

The Palm Hotel and Casino seems to have the right idea when it comes to their influence on consumers who are likely to happily Tweet, Facebook, Digg, and Stumbleupon their social medias to laud the benefits they received while visiting this highly social media oriented resort. While giving away a few amenities, they are also building some serious Klout for themselves. The praise, @mentions and other comments they receive are well worth the cost of giving away a few perks to highly influential social media users.





  1. I like klout and want to learn how to get more. Thanks Basil for being a constant source of digital brand marketing education. I still wonder if you ever sleep and how you know so much. I consider myself very fortunate to pick up so much info by osmosis.

  2. Many thanks for this informative write-up, I’m going to unquestionably make an effort to look at some more of your stuff down the road.

  3. Wow if Klout could do this then it would be easier for employers to pick out some new recruits. And it’s like a fool-proof tool to really dig out the best of someone’s resume. I don’t know if my resume is that good or how it would level to the rest. Maybe Klout is just the answer.

  4. Ralph Arnolds says:

    This would surely make things easier for both the employer and soon-to-be employees. There’s not need for excuses now on alibis that employers would usually say that other people are better than you. Coz now you could compare and now you could see where you could level yourself.

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