LinkedIn and Klout join the Social Button Revolution

There does seem to be a button for just about anything digital these days. The Google +1 button provides a promotional value similar to Facebook’s “Like” button, and savvy blog readers will realize right off the bat if they have come upon an outdated blog if they arrive to one that doesn’t provide buttons to share their content on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and about 250 other social media websites and or aggregate sites.

Internet users have also grown increasingly fond of buttons that provide one-click sign up or register options that quickly and easily integrate existing social media accounts to a new sites registration process. Toolbar buttons also provide www users with endless options. Anything from quick-click website SEO buttons to buttons that can quickly send a user to their favorite email system pronto. 

LinkedIn Launches Quick Job App Button

Professional and business social network, LinkedIn, also has plans for their own button. The LinkedIn button will allow their users to utilize a button on employer’s websites labeled, “Apply with LinkedIn.” This handy button will allow any LinkedIn user to quickly apply for employment by submitting their LinkedIn profile as a resume. In the immediate future web users should begin to find this button cropping up on LinkedIn partner sites with a launch later this month.

Not only will this button make it incredibly easy for applicants to submit a full-bodied resume to a prospective employer, but on the employer end, it will also automatically sort candidates for them by pre-set configurations.

This doesn’t have any notable restrictions in that employers will also be able to include additional questions, requests, or requirements for applicants to their businesses. Employers will also be able to designate whether submissions will go to a URL, their email address, or even to a JavaScript callback.

Currently, hiring solutions generate about 43% of LinkedIn’s revenue. For a newly public company that will need to rely on employers as one of their leading demographics, this is an incredible and innovative tool.

Get Klout with +K

Providing social media analytics, Klout helps to provide the measure of a users influence across their own social networks. The analysis is provided by data that is collected from a users social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. This analysis includes taking a measurement of the size of a person’s network + content created + the reaction of your social network to your provided content. After this analysis users are provided with a number from 1 to 100 that will indicate their overall influence in their own niche, or on the topics they mention most.

Klout plans to increase their users’ clout by introducing their own button. Klout’s +K will allow users to designate other users as authorities on a given subject. This new button will allow individual users to +K any other person who has influenced their knowledge or ideas on a particular topic.

Users are provided with 5 +K’s per day that they can award to users on any topic. They can also +K the same user on the same topic once per week. The rankings will still be based on data from Facebook or Twitter, but users who regularly receive +K’s should definitely see a rise in their given Klout numbers.

While in the launch phase this new button will only respond to Klout’s own algorithms on a particular topic, in the future, Klout developers hope to allow users to submit their own topics.




  1. Good article. You amaze me how you keep up on the latest technology. By the way, I want my Klout and I want it now. How can I get it?


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