New Creative Commons Option for YouTube Fans

YouTube recently released some new options in creative commons licensing for their uploading fans. Users will now be able to choose to license their videos under CC BY or to retain the default option of Standard YouTube Licensing.

In human terms, CC BY is the ability to share, remix, or make commercial use of the video under the conditions of Attribution. This means the video must be attributed in the method that the author specifies, however, not in a manner that suggest that the original creator endorses you, your products, services or ideas.


Users must retain the understanding:

  • That any of the previous conditions can be waived if permission from the copyright holder is received.
  • That regardless of where the video or any elements of it are located in the public domain under the applicable laws, that its status is not affected by the license.

Most commonly, providing a link to the original authors web page is sufficient for applying proper attributions.

10,000 Videos

Along with its newly launched CC BY implementation, YouTube has also created a Creative Commons Video Libary that contains 10,000 videos from Al Jazeera, C-Span, Public and Voice of America. This base catalog of videos are available for users to access, edit, and if desired, incorporate into their own projects.

YouTube Video Editor

The always useful video editor now also contains a CC option that will allow users to search for only creative commons videos from the freshly filled library and choose from them which to edit and remix. This can save loads of time for those who find video editing part of their daily grind. Once the CC BY video has been edited and remixed, the newly created video will automatically display the proper attribution linked titles to their original source videos.

The good news is that this library will only continue to grow, making the new liscening and editor capabilities. As it stands, after its first week with this format, the CC BY library has already grown from its initial 10,000 to well over 60,000.

What Does This Mean for Small Business?

Quite simply, this means that if you currently run your social media marketing campaigns through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you will be able to garner direct benefit for your business in time saved, higher quality videos, and quality linking to help build your web presence.

Whether you do your own video editing, or pay an employee to do so, this has been in the past a rather costly, time consuming element of a marketing campaign. The problem lies within the available creative commons licenses. As any video editor can tell you, searching for and locating videos or the content of videos can be a needle-in-the-haystack endeavor, with a walking-on-eggshells result.

This is because there are few places on the internet that allow for free, the usage of any of their material. Just like stock photos, there are stock videos, and fortunately, users can usually rely on these to be of high-quality.  Unfortunately, these can also be extremely costly and the specific proper attributions can make managing the editing process incredibly tedious.

YouTube’s new library and editing attributions presets have taken all of the hassle, and the hours of data mining out of the equation. Now creating a quick video to toss into your social media networks is easy work for just about anyone.




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