Come to Blog World Expo

Checking in at Blog World Expo 2011 by Louise DiCarlo & Basil C. Puglisi

Section by @lovelylu

If you aren’t doing anything this morning, you should take the time to visit the Javitz Center. I am currently on the train heading in to see two of my favorite guys — Lewis Howes and Sean Malarkey of Ohio – Linkedin and Twitter superstars.

I have worked virtually with them for two years and we are finally going to meet in person. The online world once again converging to real life.

More to follow……

Blog World Expo New York
Lewis Howes
Sean Malarkey

Section by @basilpuglisi

Blog World Exhibtors:

While there is an emphasis on the speakers and there sure seem to be a few good ones, I think we should take a quick look at some of what you can expect from the exibition areas.

WordPress! Expect to see Automatic with a cozy area and lots of staff! Rumor has it they have the largest booth and have it staffed with experts to help you navigate and I expect the usual cozy area to relax and the giveaways, but with this being blogworld you never know what the booth may have in store.

Tumblr! While Tumblr is not expected to have a big booth, they are the fast growing platform that is threatening to pass WordPress in the near future, I have been told they ave a few nice giveaways and while they may not have the lounge, I expect to get every much out of working with them.

WebDoc! I was told this is a must stop as a group from Sweden will be displaying their drop and drag facebook application for custom tabs.

Podcasting! Rumor has it they had three areas podcasting yesterday, so I keep my eyes peeled to see what the hot topics are and if we can pick up some pointers for you podcasters.



  1. Thanks for taking the time to explain the terminlogy towards the newbies!

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