Small Business Solutions: YellowBot, a company formed in 2006 by Erron Silverstein out of Burbank, CA., aims to connect local businesses with local shoppers. It is a form of free advertisement businesses might want to look into.

Not only can potential customers find businesses in their area, they can read customers’ feedbacks and experiences. It is a peer referral information site, that some say is a combination of Yellow Pages and Yelp.

Their idea is as follows: Let’s not forget, with all the technological advancements, that we still live in the real world. That is where our homes are, where we work and where we shop. Dry cleaner, Veterinarian, car mechanic, smog check station – we want all those to be as close to one another as possible so we can save time. The site helps you pull it all together and share it with the world. When there are enough stories about a place, a clearer picture of the business emerges.

The site is free for searchers and businesses, and it joins a crowded field of similar local web portals, but offers elegant and quick search features and enables the use of Google maps and driving directions. The site has a mobile version as well, so no information has to be written down, the address is on your phone. They have forums oir ideas, announcements and discussions.

There were rumors in May 2010 that they are about to launch a Reputation Tool. Except for one blogger who posted an article about it (including screen shots) there is not much information. They do not mention the Tool on their website and their blog went dormant in June 2010.




  1. Wonder if it will take off like yelp did. Hmm time will tell.

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