Small Business Solutions: vSplash offers web design for small businesses so they can have an efficient website and a noticeable online presence to be able to reach their potential customers.


These are the issues vSplash helps small businesses tackle:

  • The look of the website – The website should be unique and contain 4-12 pages. It shouldn’t look like a template that other businesses use.
  • Some small businesses need e commerce capabilities with an online store that should reflect the kind of business they are running. They will set it up for the business.
  • The interface should be user friendly.
  • Content management system (CMS) allows the business website owner manage the page content.
  • Search Engine optimization (SEO) is important because it influences the online visibility.
  • Domain names and hosting is part of the overall offering.

They offer all those services so your business will be presented in an intuitive manner with ease and enjoyment for the user.

The sites they build are affordable and the customers can have the finished product in a relatively short period of time. is recognized as one of the leading web design firms in India and is in operation in France, UK, USA, Singapore, Greece, Canada, Korea and UAE. Their customers are companies of all sizes ranging from small startups to large companies who needed a professional internet solution to generate revenue, establish communication channels and streamline business operations. The majority of their clients are from Europe and North America.




  1. not to jump on this post but im thinking ofusing this company to do marketing on my blog does any no anything about them, they are located in london so i heard. i cant find any reviews on them – Rod Gardner and Associates, 19 st Helens Gardens, London, W10 6LW – 0207 558 8957

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