Facebook Questions Re-Launch

Earlier this week Facebook re-launched a previously tested aspect of social networking known as Questions. Questions, although similar to the idea of Yahoo answers actually provides quite a bit more personalized Q & A experiences.

Users can simply head to Facebook Questions and opt in if the account isn’t already enabled. Head to Facebook questions and check out the format. Set like polling questions and answers you should be able to immediately see any questions that any of your friends have posted, or replied to.

Although the last version allowed users to reach out to friends and strangers on Facebook, the new release goes completely against that original grain. This time the design is more geared towards targeting Facebook friends to get their questions answered. Those who have used the new format already can definitely attest to the fact that this system is what makes the Facebook Q & A stand apart from other available services.

Many random users were given beta access to Facebook Questions a year ago, so those same users are the first to gain access to the upgrade, however, once a friend post an answer to one of your questions, or one viewable on your wall, they too will receive an invitation to join the Q & A option.

Like Life

Like life when a question needs to be answered, most often an individual will seek out those who they feel may have a bit of knowledge in that area. Most do this because they feel their chances of getting a question answered on a topic obscure to them, will be much easier if they head to an expert. Even then, we hope if our knowledgeable friend cannot answer it, they will be knowledgeable enough to know someone who can. This is the manner in which the newest Questions upgrade intends to function.

Of course, the new version is also created to take full advantage of the viral nature of mass social networking by allowing users to easily share their own questions, or answers, with their full social graph. This system of take a question, answer it, or pass it on, may very well be far more likely to garner the results Facebook developers were looking for in the first release.

Says Product Manager Adrian Graham, users have many formats where they can go to ask perfect strangers for the answers to their questions, but Facebook Questions may be the first format where users can quickly go, if they aren’t there already, to a format that allows them to ask those questions of their friends.




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