Social Media & Brand Monitoring: Collective Intellect

Collective Intellect, a company out of Bolder Colorado, has been around since 2005. They provide software and services to help businesses monitor and analyze real time marketing intelligence agregated from a broad spectrum of web and social media platforms.

Similar to other companies (Radian6 and SM2 to name only 2) who provide software to monitor brand visibility and statistics on popularity and campaigns, their software searches the web, blogs, microblogging, images, and many social media sites for keywords related to your business.

Refining that search, they claim, is their advantage over the competition. Their solution addresses the inaccuracy and bluntness of keyword search and the abundance of results that have very little to do with your business.

Since all the vetting is done by machines (logarithms), those mistakes are bound to happen and clutter or skew the results you will be getting. Collective Intellect has developed a system that searches the web not only by keywords but by the semantic connection between words. Latent semantic Analysis (LSA) exposes latent contextual meaning within a large text.

They offer these programs plus professional advice for prices up to $1,000 a month. Here are some of their offerings:

  • CI:Insight – Tells you where you are as a digital brand. Using semantic search and analytics their software will tell you where you are on the “social maturity curve”, as they call it. You can review each phase and decide which tools and methods can help you achieve your goals. The software will automate the results to see the consumer consideration and preference, sentiments, demographics, and influencer’s profiles.
  • CI:Listen – Social monitoring – tracking online conversations about your brand.
  • CI:Learn and CI:Listen – Social Presence. Measure your market before and after a launch, take actions in real time, and improve your visibility.
  • CI:View – Social Research –analysis that is specially configured to your needs for more effective social engagement. It is set to be repeatable, and direct feeds are integrated into the dashboard.
  • Social CRM & Targeting – strategic guidance, professional services. 
  • Social BPM  Engagement  – intersection between process automation and social networking

Their customers include PepsiCo, Western Union, CBS, iVillage, Viacom, Dole Food Group and Verizon Wireless, among many others.

The past 3 year growth of the company stands at 1505%. With 40 employees the company’s 2009 revenues were $2.7 million.




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