Social Brand Visibility: UStream

UStream is a unique platform that consist of networks that include a wide diversity of channels that are open source options for live video streaming. Brad Hunstable and John Ham co-founded UStream while attending West Point, a renowned US Military Academy. Both of the co-founders had long been inspired by technology and received degrees in the engineering fields, however, it may have been their stints in the armed services that had a heavier inspiration for creating a source of live video communications.

With so many friends deployed to Iraq and time very limited in the war zones, an idea like UStream seemed the perfect solution for allowing soldiers to communicate with their families in real time and whenever they were capable.

Getting Started on UStream

Since UStream accounts are free there are some definite possibilities for any users with interest in live video casting. Simply head to the sign-up page and create your own account. Remember to try to utilize your keyword in your user name if at all possible.

Once you have a personal account it is only a matter of creating your own show or channel. You can create your own channel in just minutes as it only requires a quick trip to the dashboard, one-click create a show option and your channel is up, running and viewable by anyone.

Although users can create a snap channel and dive right in, it is also important to those who want to utilize UStream for marketing purposes to take the time to fill in the details. The easiest way to get the most coverage is to enter the correct tags, choose the closest category to your content and uploading a relevant photo.

You also have the opportunity to enter a short description of your newly created show or channel. The information you put here may be the most important as it is what will offer the most inclusive short description of your channel content possible.

Who Uses UStream?

Everyone from rock stardom to political conventions have been covered by UStream. Even big name radio stations such as Air America and Fox News Radio uses UStream to broadcast live streaming video casts which provides an enjoyable and free alternative to straight radio. Even CBS has their own live news breaking feed regularly on UStream.

UStream isn’t limited to politicians by any means and many famous young people are bringing attention to this format originally created with the best intentions at heart. To promote and connect with their fans users also include:

  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Perez Hilton

And many more celebrities from the A to Z list. UStream can go a long way for those celebrities that have not quite achieved public status. UStream can provide prospective consumers with a teaser of their music or live video shows. Even better yet, live events such as this RV show can be broadcast to those who may have great interest in the product, but no means to attend the event physically.

Recently, UStream was used during Social Media Week 2011 at the Social Media Camp hosted by the Roger Smith Hotel in New York. This event broadcasted live in two rooms as presenters covered various topics related to Social Media.

Statistically, common usage shows that there are only 438 sites with a better quarterly global Alexa traffic ranking than UStream. However, with much popularity in Japan, it is estimated that 33% of its visitors originate from there which has landed it a traffic ranking of 62 for their country. Although UStream began a slow but steady climb on daily traffic and page use in late 2009, numbers for the last thirty days show a 103% in user visits. 

Although obviously very popular in Japan, its average user tends to be moderately college educated and childless Hispanic males, with an age range of 18 to 34, who browse mostly from home.



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