Brand Blogs: Mashable

Considered an internet news blog, Mashable was launched from Pete Cashmore’s very own home in Aberdeen Scotland in 2005. Its primary purpose is to cover the latest news in social media, but it also covers any new news and developments in entertainment, online video, web development, technology, mobile and other gadget reviews and information.

The site has reported as many as 30 million viewers and users in one month and has a vast following on a variety of different social networking sites. With over a million Twitter followers and a great Alexa ranking it seems to be continually improving and proving itself in the eyes of the search engines.

Mashable’s provide straight to the source information, reviews, blogs and other sources of great informative content that keeps users coming to check it out, and previous users returning when they need to get to the root of just about any problem Mashable addresses. Mashable is also gaining a huge following through sources like Facebook and Twitter users, which is continuing to be an influential demographic.

Awards and Recognitions

Mashable began at the end of 2007 to host an International Open Web Award contest that would give recognition to the best online services and other communities. Voting was conducted online and not only by Mashable but also by its twenty four blog partnerships. In January of 2008 Mashable’s announced their Open Web Awards winners that included Facebook, YouTube. ESPN, Pandora, Google, Twitter and Digg.

Mashable acquired Blippr, a micro review service website, in March of 2009 and has only continued to rise in popularity among those who rely on blogs, news sites and reviews of technology to do their own related jobs. This process helps to keep a continual flow of updated materials that Mashable users know they will find when they head to their site for answers.

In 2011 Mashable CEO and founder Pete Cashmore was named one of the Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Fourum. The World Economic Forum, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is an independent international organization that aims to improve the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas.



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