Google Analytics and Greasemonkey

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates statistical information about the visitors to your site. It is aimed at marketers, small business and website owners. It is considered to be the most often used statistic tool, currently used by 57% of the 10,000 most popular websites.

Google Analytics tracks visitors to your site from search engines, display advertising, PCP networks, e mail marketing, and even links within PDF documents. Users can track landing page quality and conversions. By using the Analytics users can determine which ads are performing and which don’t.

Greasemonkey is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows users to install scripts that make changes to the way a web page displays or behaves by using small bits of JavaScript. The changes made to the web pages are executed every time the page is opened, making them permanent for the user. Greasemonkey can be used for adding new functions to web pages, such as embedding price comparisons, or changes to the way the site appears. There are many scripts for various functions such as providing information within shopping sites, fixing bugs and combining data from multiple pages.

To help Google Analytics users with insights into their website’s traffic and marketing effectiveness, various Greasemonkey scripts are available for free and can be used to enhance Google Analytics. They have different functions; some are aimed to enhance cleaner profile switching, others for quick content search, exporting to Google Docs and more.

Here are some of the most interesting scripts:

  • Social Media Metrics – this plugin allows users to observe social media, and link statistics to your specific pages.
  • Twitter and Google Analytics campaign tracking variables. Adds Campaign Source,
  • Campaign Medium and Campaign Name to your links for easy tracking of the traffic they drive to your site.
  • Enhanced Google Analytics. This script allows users to get up-to-date information on new referring sites or those who have had a substantial boost in traffic.
  • Profile Switching. A cleaner way to switch between profiles.
  • Insights for Analytics. Helps perform Google Insight searches on keywords in the report. Select up to 5 keywords in Google Analytics and view traffic patterns for these keywords on Insight.

It is important to note that on March 17, 2011, in a conference in San Francisco, Google Analytics unveiled a new version in beta trials. In order to make it easier and faster to get information and to enhance the Google Analytics platform, it is rumored to have an updated look and feel. Many of the changes in the new version are the result of user feedback, Goggle Analytics people say, including multiple dashboards, new links for specific reports and new names for reports. It is available for a small group of users for testing. The launch date is yet known.



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