Social Media & Brand Monitoring Part 4: Techrigy, Seesmic

SM2 – Techrigy

When Techrigy, a Pittsford, N.Y Company, reached 1 Billion conversations, in Feb. 2009, it was posted all over the internet. In July of that same year, the company was acquired by Alterian, a British integrated marketing software platform and a leading marketing service company. Their product was labeled SM2.

The company provides brand monitoring solutions for social media. It provides tools to monitor and measure social media sentiment analysis, trend comparisons, geographic analysis, theme detection, authority measurement, demographic and classifications.

SM2 helps brand managers see what people are saying about their brand, who is saying what, how the competition is doing and what is said about them. It is an essential tool in market research and shows, analytically, how a campaign or new product launch is performing.

SM2 follows what was said on blogs, message boards, forums, micro blogs (like Twitter, Plurk,, Wikis (user generated information sites), video and photo sharing sites (You Tube, Flickr) social network sites (Facebook, Ning, LinkedIn), classified sites and review sites.

All this vast information, categorized by topics, is delivered to their customers, aggregated and diced into graphs and pie charts so you can dig out the information you need and adjust your search to make it more accurate.

In comparison to Radian6, SM2 showed almost the same search results. The sentiment result was much better in SM2, but the interface is not user friendly. The initial set up time for each search also takes too much time. 

SM2 serves advertising agencies and PR firms like Abraham & Harrison ( working with Kimberly-Clark Healthcare, Lowe Worldwide, Sharp Electronics), Bader Rutter (GE healthcare, Pfizer) and Yamego (MTV, Durex, BBC).

Their pricing is compatible to Radian6 – plans starting at $500 a month.


Seesmic, founded in 2007 by French investor Loic Le Meur, still operates out of San Francisco. It offers tools to monitor the activity on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, and respond in a timely manner from one centralized place.

In 2009 the company went through a re-launch from being mainly a video uploading site to aggregating content from other social networks. They have a few programs:

Seesmic Desktop – which allows you to manage several Twitter accounts, build groups and “Build your community”.

Seesmic Web – A web based version that allows you to manage a few Twitter accounts, on any web platform. The information is being stored in a cloud, not on your computer.

Seesmic aim is to be the gateway to all your social services needs on any platform you are on, local apps and mobile phones. The nicely designed app, allows you to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts, you can add a account and automatically update all of them together with one post, or each of them separately.

In January 2010, Seesmic acquaired, a company that allows users to publish updates on many social media sites with a single click, and its ranged grew to over 50 social networks.

Users range from individuals looking to interact with their following, to big brand managers and social media experts. They do not offer analytics.

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