Social Media Club

In March of 2006, Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells began Social Media Club. Their intentions were to provide a format in which to explore and offer solutions to common issues facing our society as technological advancements continued to shape the way we connected socially on many levels.Benefits of Social Media Club

The global conversation on these issues has continued on to help build an organization and central location where a largely diverse group of people can continue to come together to discuss Social Media. can be beneficial to users in many ways.

  • All members will be able to sign up on Social Media Club’s email lists and social networks to connect with those who have similar needs and interest. This can also be based on geography if that benefits the member.
  • Members have access to publish in the Social Media Club Observer.
  • Members can receive discounts to the events organized by Social Media Club and its partner organizations and companies.
  • Members have the opportunity to be listed under the Speakers Directory and to receive invitations to members-only events.
  • Jobs in social media industries are also listed on the Social Media Club members section of the website.

Perhaps most vitally, members will have the chance to meet with people just as themselves who are looking for an edge in managing their businesses or personal social medias. Members who are unfamiliar with all of the common aspects of social media will learn to confidently utilize and apply these technological advancements in communication to their everyday businesses.

Members who have advanced knowledge of social media marketing will have many others to bounce their new and innovative ideas off of, those of whom already know their language and can respond in kind.

Social Media Statistics

It is a fact that we will likely never return to our parents, and their parents generations that flocked to radio and daily print to absorb our local or global news and information. Statistics regularly monitored in social medias only continue to grow in unfathomable numbers.

In 2010, during the average twenty minute excerpt of time, there were 1,5870,000 posts to Facebook walls and 2,716,000 photos uploaded. 10,208,000 comments were also posted.

Since April 2010, Twitter has increased their user list by 40,000,000 and have had a 62% increase in the use of mobile platforms.

The average U.S. user will watch at least thirty minutes of video online each day, compared to around five hours of T.V. per day.

Social Media Club Goals

Ultimately, the goal of Social Media Club is to continue to provide a forum where individuals can work together for a universal common good. Part of that goal means to continue to build up and build on more local chapters for all members.

Additionally, Social Media Club stresses that education, management and helpful tools and services are not limited to online availability and that offline events, meets and other knowledgeable networking functions are just as important as the time you spend utilizing them online daily.

Social Media Club Long Island

Founded in 2010 by Hillary Topper, Social Media Club Long Island has developed a following rather quickly in just under a year. The group received its official charter in early 2011 and features guest speakers at every meeting. Much like a Chamber of Commerce, the group gathers business owners and entrepreneurs alike.

The last SMCLI meeting took place on March 4, 2010. I had the pleasure to attend as I recently joined the SMC as a professional member.

The March 4 meeting featured speaker Steve Poppe, Managing Partner of What’s The Idea? (slideshare posted below). Sueanne Shirzay of SMCLI wrote in a follow up SMCLI  internal blog “Importance was put on the tremendous value of creating original content in blogs and websites, as only a paltry 8% of social media users currently do this. He described the creators or original content as “posters” and those who retweet the content or copy it as “pasters”.

In addition to the poster and paster comparison, Steve also brought our attention to the format or content type we use in our posts when we do post. As Steve pointed out that we have all become heavy text based posters, this gave pause to the entire room with a moment of silence to ponder the possibility that even those of us that are creating original content or “posters” have mostly become text based. I took a bit of pride in realizing that I had caught this in my blogs and made the adjustment back at the end of Dec 2010. Yet somehow most of my other social media activities are still overwhelmingly text based.

Social Media Week 2011: Social Media Camp NYC presented by Social Media Club

SMC has networked itself right into the heart of Social Media activities, I recently presented at Social Media Week 2011 and Social Media Club was the organizing sponsor of the event. Clearly this organization warrants keeping an eye on, but clearly it’s something any social media professional will want to join.



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