iPad2 Announced and Motorola Xoom Released!

Even though it was questionable as to whether he would make an appearance today or not, Steve Jobs had an announcement he wanted to be the one to share. As he strode out to the tune of “Here Comes the Sun,” he brought with him the information on a much awaited device. The iPad 2.

While some of the newest viewers claim that the iPad 2’s cover is far more impressive than the moderate upgrades and updates made to the new iPad, others heartily disagree. Jobs wants users to understand, that this isn’t a simple tweaked and fluffed upgrade, but a new device created from the ground up.

Narrow Augmented Reality

This version of the iPad will be a bit thinner, a tad lighter and have a few more features than the old version. Front and rear-facing cameras will allow users to use applications like Facetime as well as take photos or video. In addition, augmented reality applications that require users to ‘look through’ the iPad while drawing data atop of the normal view is supported.

Motorola Xoom has already been tested with an augmented reality option in the recent past. In fact, the March 2011 issue of Popular Science will feature a 3D interactive cover that will reveal Android’s 3.0 Honeycomb-powered Xoom device. Xoom comes with a 1.3MP front camera, and a 5MP rear camera.

More Apps

Apparently, there can never be enough apps. With over 65,000 apps currently fueling the iPad, the new iPad 2 has already generated a whole new generation of apps. A YouTube application allows users to watch videos directly from YouTube. With a high resolution screen, users can also choose to view their videos in high definition with impressive results.  

Xoom already has its own impressive list of apps in those such as the Wall Street Journal Tablet Edition app that allows more than just an informative read, but also allows users to download entire papers to read at their own pace, even if out of range of a wi-fi connection.  Fuze Meeting, that helps to facilitate communication between team or group members has proved another reliable Xoom app.

New Processors

The new main CPU on the iPad 2 is the Samsung A5 dual-core processor. This processor will offer speeds up to nine times faster than its original device. Additionally, there is also a newer graphics processor that is twice the speed of the original iPad.

On the Xoom you will also find a dual-core processor, the Tegra 2 powered by NVIDIA. 


Although unlikely to be dubbed fashion-forward by anyone, it will come available in white or black from day one this time. Also, the iPad 2 is only a mere 8.8mm thick. This is thinner than the iPhone itself. Think that is amazing? It has become even lighter at a slight 1.3 pounds.

Motorola Xoom comes in black.

However, as with just about any other mobile device, both products have already sparked another set of case and cover industries so your customization options, in the manner of accessories, is nearly limitless on both devices.

Verizon Support

If you are one of the many consumers locked into a Verizon data-network, than you will be delighted to know that there will also be a version of the iPad 2 that will support Verizon’s cellular network. Since Verizon claims one of the most widespread networks in the United States, this could be incredibly good news for an incredible amount of iPad users. Although Verizon isn’t known to be the most affordable carrier, they do boast incredible coverage that will make this version of the iPad 2 nothing short of phenomenal in coverage for this type of device.

Xoom has this covered as well. There is an available Verizon version for this device as well. The Xoom like the Ipad2 will has data and non data options.

Under the Bling and $$$’s of the iPad 2

Although iPad 2 sure does seem to sport some shiny bells and impressive whistles, in the end, it may not be enough to talk consumers out of anywhere between $500 and $1200.00 of their hard earned cash, and those at ‘auction’ pricing. 

The new iPad will be released for purchase on Friday, March the 11th, 2011 in the United States and on March the 25th in other selected countries worldwide.

Under Xoom’s Hood

Although personal choice in applications or abilities and even things such as accessories can always be weighing factors in personal choices between these types of technological devices, these specifics or details are still likely not the deciding factor for most who may be weighing which of the newer devices they actually plan to sink the funds into. Although Xoom may be a bit more expensive in initial cost at around $800 for the Verizon version and $600 for open wi-fi, in the long run, its application cost and accessories are likely to cost far less than its Apple counterparts.

My Biased Opinion

    Apple has its core following, it has grown as far as it can, now that more reasonable and advanced players are in the Market with Android it shouldn’t be long before the Android platform surpasses the iPad just like it did the iPhone.

   Steve, its called Flash, wonderful little upgrade you missed.



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