Your Book: A look at Publish America

Publish America, or PA, is a Print-on-Demand, traditional royalty paying book publishing company. Since Publish America only prints books as they are ordered, they are able to extend authorships to many talented writers. PA believes that if one single book is worth being published, it only need have the idea of a market for it to be accepted by PA editors.

Publish America Facts

PA has nearly 40,000 satisfied authors. Every day, around fifteen of those authors ask PA to accept their subsequent works. This is an incredibly high number of return writers and one of the reasons why PA is known as one of the best print-on-demand companies available.

Although PA may have lower acceptance barriers than other publishing companies, they also have to be choosy in accepting manuscripts that meet the PA requirements. There are no contract fees with PA, ever.

PA authors have made appearances on FOX TV, ABC, MSNBC and CNN. Also the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and Women’s World Magazine. PA authors have even been heard on some of the famous radio shows such as Rush Limbaugh, Oliver North and Don Imus.

PA is not a subsidy publisher, vanity press or publish on demand company. PA does not charge for their services. No catches or hidden surprises, and PA even regularly pays small advances to their authors to show their support. PA does not want an authors money, they only want rights to their books, and it stops there. The copyright, TV rights, movie rights, merchandising and audio rights will remain under the authors legal rights. Book publishing contracts expire after seven years instead of the life terms of many publishers.

Almost all of the biggest publishers use digital technologies for printing. The print-on-demand form of publishing is used by other publishers such as Random House.

They will assign a graphic designer to create your book cover, and also take suggestions and ideas from the author.

Publish America Issues

With such a huge amount of books and authors cycling through Publish America yearly, there are also a few problems.

  • Authors report that graphic designers are not always willing to take their ideas when it comes to their book covers, the second most important aspect of their creations.
  • Although Publish America does provide an editing service at no cost, it can be extremely time-consuming. If you do not plan to have your book proofread by an outside service, expect an average wait for editing of around 3 to 6 months.




  1. Is it true?

  2. Thumbs up 🙂

  3. If this company are reputable why are there so many complaints online?

    • I have to say it’s a managing expectations issue, they don’t do it well and most authors don’t realize that they will not likely sell their book without a well organized marketing campaign.

  4. well i know what you rsaying but so many authors have complaint. not least the whole J.K Rowling issue which was in the press and outlined the offers made ot authors for services which not only wasnt what was promised but cost authors dear. in fact if you ask where the service you have paid for has gone they send abusive responses. also they are the only Print on demand publisher i know of that dont let you have your rights to your own book back if you have a better offer. print on demand publisher contracts always have a provision for the author to retain the work.

    • Well there are always five sides to the story, and when you talk about organizations as big as Publish America your going to find complaints that make all sorts of claims, you’ll even find an employee that says or does something that does not represent the organizations practices. That said feel free to offer alternatives, I know one that I am looking at is iUniverse for publishing our book.

  5. Stephanie says:

    One question in the beginning you state that Publish America is a print on demand traditional publshing company. Later you state they are not a publish on demand company. What is the difference in publish on demand and print on demand?

  6. Stephanie says:

    Printing Companies
    Printing companies simply etch ink into paper and bind it for public or personal consumption. Their livelihood is based on the amount of printing and binding that they do and the quality of what they produce. They don’t create the pictures or text that are to be printed. They don’t market the printed documents or books to the public for consumption. Once it’s printed, they are paid and their involvement with the product ends. The service is comparable to those of an apparel manufacturer. Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger design clothing lines but they send the designs to a manufacturer to actually stitch together the designs for public consumption. Publishers and authors send the text, pictures and specifications for the books and the printers print and bind them.

    Publishing Companies
    Publishers sell intellectual property to consumers. They sell the rights to use intellectual property to businesses and they also manage the distribution of intellectual property through various sources. Publishers do not print books. They outsource that task to a printer. Depending on the marketing budget established for each book they publish, the publisher will help market the book to get it sold by helping the author with planning tours, scheduling speaking engagements and television appearances. Publishers negotiate with distributors and use their sales staff to get bookstores to stock the titles they publish.

    Read more: Publishing Vs. Printing Companies |

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