Happening Right Now in NYC: Social Media Camp

As this blog publishes the rooms in the “Social Media Hotel”, the Roger Smith (@RSHotel) in NYC are coming alive and broadcasting socially, both in traditional and digital form. The rooms are filled with the very enthusiastic, the curious and the talented Social Media Enthusiasts of New York.

The reason? Social Media Camp: New York (@SMCNYC). As part of Social Media Week 2011 (#SMWNY) the Social Media Camp intends to bring people together with the intent to engage and inspire the Social Media community.

The internet has changed the very essence of how we market, advertise and fulfill the promotional obligations of our products or services, no matter how large or small. While many aspects of our economy continues to suffer, social media is one outlet in which advertising, awareness and education is continually shared.

Marketing is no longer limited to trained and college educated individuals but has spread to those with tried-and-true experience regardless of their educational achievements. With so many social medias available, and free to use, this method of marketing is one that any business owner, organization or individual would be extremely unfortunate to miss out on. So what is all the hype? Do you need to understand every aspect of social media to be a player in this market? Do you have the time and capacity to learn what it takes? Or do you simply need to know ‘what’s what’ before you hire someone else to manage this aspect of your business for you.

Regardless of the reasons, Social Media Camp is a great answer for many. When you attend Social Media Camp you will learn:

  • What social media is
  • Whether or not social media is right for your career or business
  • If you determine that learning about Social media marketing would be of benefit to you, you will then be able to cultivate some invaluable skills that will help make a world of difference for you, your business and career

What Social Media Camp Offers

Social media camp will entail many aspects. Experienced guest speakers will cover such topics as:

  • Why social media week should be every week of the year
  • How to use social media as a free marketing tool
  • Learning to connect your social medias
  • Reaching parents and other large markets via online social media formats
  • Social media for small business owners
  • Social Media strategies
  • Finding the users, followers and friends that you need

And so much more. With plenty of food, camaraderie and common ground to stand on with so many others, you are sure to begin your social media networking experience the moment you walk through the door.

On Demand Happenings:

  • I will have more blogs coming to you during the day, stay tuned and stay “Social”!
  • Mention for the founder @SMCNYC  
  • Stay in the loop for social media week with #SMWNY
  • I will be checking in all day from @BasilPuglisi



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