Social Brand Visibility: Faves

Faves, formerly known as Blue Dot, is a social bookmarking and networking site that installs a browser button so that users can “fave” a page they are watching.

It is a site where information is aggregated by the users themselves. They post links to interesting stories they have found and add their comments. It is rated and organized by people, not machines.

You can choose topics that interest you, create a list of those topics, or choose individual pages from the web. Then you’ll get a personalized home page which is updated with the most popular websites on your favorite list. It has tags and ratings that will help you organize and prioritize the information.

As for the social aspect of this bookmarking service, you can interact with the whole community or build your own private network of friends.

They advertise it as the best way to find high quality websites on the topics you care about, you can save websites and find then again from any computer, you can share websites with friends and you can see what your friends are finding on the web, and stay in touch  with them using comments and messages.

To advertisers they offer a number of packages to meet every advertising needs.

Similar site to Delicious and StumbleUpon, they seem to be a bit behind. Even their name “faves” doesn’t appear on most of their pages, which are still called Blue Dot. The name change happened in 2007! has over a million unique visitors worldwide, and 2 million page views per month. They have over 100,000 unique visitors in the United States. Almost 50% of their traffic comes from India, with the US being second with 12%. Pakistan, Philippines and China come next with 3-9% of the visitors.

Users are mostly male, between 25-34, no children, with some college education.



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