Brand Reputation Management: Digital & Social

Unfortunately, very few businesses can cruise along without taking some fire from consumers, or even other companies who may be skeptical of their products or services. And just as often, it is quite possible for your company’s website and negative information about it can land on the same search page.

For this reason brand reputation management can be a vital part of keeping your company name associated with the positive aspects and reviews of your products or services. This helps to provide your potential customers with the positive results of your business.

Whether you use a company who provides the service, or create your own team to handle the job, certain services will need to be performed to create a brand management plan. Those services can include:

  • Writing articles, optimized for search engine crawlers for multiple sites being sure to incorporate high-ranking keywords
  • Crowding negative information and reviews off of the first page of search results for your niche keywords
  • Optimization of site code and content
  • Link building strategies
  • Press releases to powerful networking websites
  • Ongoing support in all of the above areas

So although blogs have their definite perks, the fact is, one disgruntled customer may have a lot of power if they too have a high page ranking and can get the views it takes to reach or surpass your own site.

So what if you do not have the funds to pay a service, or manage your own team to do so? There are a few helpful hints to lead you in the right direction, but overall, the reputation your brand carries is entirely up to you as a product or service provider. As a provider, it is also your duty to combat any negative feedback on your company.

You need to have well-written and newsworthy press releases to help stimulate traffic and manage SERP manipulation.

Build Hubpages and Squidoo lenses being sure to mention the title name and URL. These high ranking static links will help loads to push other content on your keyword down on the list.

Blogger too. The Blogger site may not need to be filled with incredible content, but be sure you use your name and title in the URL you choose.

Use social medias targeted to a more professional audience. LinkedIn and your Facebook account will help much more than a Myspace or Friendsters will.

Be sure to index all of them by using sidebar options on the Blogger account.

Build your own custom RSS feed for the phrases you want to protect.

Although this may be ideal for those who have the time, if you have an extreme amount of negative feedback on your site, it is highly suggested to retain the services of a reputable brand management company who can monitor regularly for incoming negative reviews.



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