Social Brand Visibility: Klout

Klout measures the impact a brand or a person has on the social media network. It is a social media analytics company.

Launched in 2008, they currently have more than 250,000 users and more than 300 API partners. Its founder and CEO, John Frankel, says his company is “well positioned to capitalize on the distinct need for a new layer of intelligence for the social web. Klout is a service that makes sense of what it means to be and to become influential.” It uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure true reach, amplification probability and network score.

True Reach – measures the size of your engaged audience. It does not take into account spam and inactive accounts. They answer a few questions; are your tweets interesting enough to build an audience? How far has your content been spread? Are people adding you to their lists?

How many people did you have to follow to build your count of followers?

Amplification Probability – The likelihood that your content will be acted upon. How diverse is the group you’re in touch with? How likely are you to be retweeted? Do a lot of people retweet you or are they the same followers? Are you tweeting too much or too little? And are the tweets effective in generating new followers?

Network influence – How influential you’ve become? How influential are the people who follow you? How influential are the people who list you? How influential are those who retweet you?

Klout identifies influencers and provides tools for influencers to monitor their influence.  According to their research the three most retweeted users in the world are: Justin Bieber, I Confess That (a Spanish language) and Raise Your Hands (another Spanish tweeter).

The company got $8.5 million in funding a few days ago, a sign that investors believe in the future of this company.



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