Top Ten Twitter Tools for 2011: Used by Banks and Businesses

Twitter accounts are showing up in unexpected places, Citi Bank is training one hundred customer service agents to use Twitter to handle customer questions as well as complaints. This training is being done in expectation of a flood of Tweets as Citi representatives are being prepped to develop customer followings through Twitter.

On a smaller scale the Tofino Brewing Co of British Columbia, Canada is using Twitter to reap words of encouragement and to publicize important events such as the recent launch of their website on the internet. Besides being a way to communicate events easily to followers they feel it is an indispensable tool to reach the twenty-five to thirty-five year old age group.

The top ten Twitter tools that these companies and many other businesses use today to manage their followers, etc. are:

  1. CoTweet – a workflow management tool used by Citi, Coca-Cola, and Delta Air Lines is specifically designed for use with social networking. CoTweet assists banks with the creation of an audit trail, keeping track of conversations, as well as managing marketing campaigns and providing better customer service.
  2. TweetDeck – is useful for serious business users and people that want to save time by organizing their tweets. TweetDeck also allows you to connect through multiple Twitter accounts as well as FaceBook simultaneously.
  3. Sign in with Twitter – allows users to connect their Twitter account with third-party services in as little   as one click. This tool lets people interact with Twitter from your website.
  4. Nearby Tweets – lets you find twitterers near your area; your search can also be limited by radius and keywords
  5. Twello – is a search directory of people by their area of expertise, profession or other attributes that are listed in the users’ personal profiles on Twitter.
  6. Tweetmeme – A resource to see the most recent news and trends within your industry.
  7. Tweepler – allows you to sort through new followers and accept them or ignore them. This application also shows the followers’ stats and their last three tweets in one screen view.
  8. Twimailer – a free email client that allows you to receive email notifications when your Twitter account gets new followers. The emails contain the follower’s location, stats along with their recent tweets. Twimailer also gives you the ability to follow someone back without having to log into Twitter.
  9. Monitter – is a web-based tool that allows monitoring of Twitter in real-time for    mentions of specified keywords.
  10. Twitterfeed – allows you to easily feed your blog posts to Twitter.

One of the greatest things about using Twitter to promote your business is that it is free. Some of the tools used to manage Tweets are not free but many people find them invaluable and don’t mind paying for the benefits.



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