Social Brand Visibility: Gowalla, Mobile Web

A relatively unknown as of yet, Gowalla is a mobile and web service that allows people to connect, communicate and win prizes for their effort. It helps people keep up with their friends, share and comment about favorite places and discover new ones.

Users can share their physical place with friends and family using GPS locator that lets people know where you are physically, so you can get together. Gowalla is geographically available in over 7,500 cities around the world and has categorized listings of businesses and location-based listing to search from. It has a social “to do” lists called Trips, and rewards users when accomplishing stuff, like checking in to an establishment or posting a good review of a place. The items can be picked up and dropped, and they are giving out a lot of prizes.

You can receive pings when your friends check in or ‘shout’, and you can meet other Gowalla users who happen to be in the same location as you.

Founded in 2007, and launched in 2009, this Austin Texas Company is the brain child of Josh Williams and Scott Raymond. It is a competitor to Foursquare and had a similar launch. Foursquare took off immediately and now Gowalla is catching up with them.

According to Williams, Gowalla has over 600,000 active users and sees about 20,000 check-ins a day. It is ranked 3,216 in US traffic.




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