Apple & iPad: Credibility begins with admitting when you may be wrong, maybe…

One of the most profound experiences may be when experts, gurus or a “know it all” steps forward and admit they may be wrong, or in fact flat out say they are wrong.

In most cases they will preface their mistake or misjudgments with what they got right, this is done to distract you from the blow about to come, the fact that they made a mistake or used their expertise to, well you get the picture.

  • Here is a great example:

At the end I will praise the iPad, especially in comparison to Android.

I Basil C. Puglisi have long held that Apple’s products are inferior and a waste of money. One of the defining features of this belief is that Apple has long failed to connect with the world at large with its technology. This connection that I have referred to is the massive restrictions that they have on their software and products, with inflated pricing.

I have long standing  praise for Apple in a brand perspective, as the very thing that makes Apple products inferior in technology has made them stand out in branding and marketing.

The technology perspective has been and seemingly always will be that Apple’s restrictive nature and discriminatory practices (tailoring to middle and upper class) has been a long standing pet peeve of mine.

When someone reviews a new apple product, they often compare it to a PC (a computer running windows), they often praise the apple product for its functionality and software as if apple brought value to the market, and in almost every case this has never been true.

The average cost of a entry level Mac Book is between $999 and $1,500 in 13″ models and $1,799 to $2,299 for some of the more advanced Pro models.

The average cost of a entry level PC running Windows is about half the price of a Mac Book, between $400 and $600, herein lies the problem with comparing apples to oranges (PC).

  • Case Study:

If you take the Mac Book Offered on and compare it to the HP Pavilion offered at

Mac Book – 2.4 Intel Duo Core, 2GB DDR3, 250GB HD DVD Drive, GeForce 320M – sold at $999

HP Pavilion – 2.9 Intel i7, 6GB DDR3, 640GB HD DVD Drive Geforce 3000 – sold at $899

At $100 less the HP Windows based PC is three (3) times the computer that the Mac Book is, couple that with its limited interaction with the PC world and why people by a Mac Book is beyond me.

I like to say that the iPhone4 was something that strayed from this standard, but it does not. The closed world of Apple apps has lost ground in a landslide to Android (Google) and will continue to, especially when you think about AT&T and how even those that love there iPhone openly claim it does everything but make calls.

Android on the other hand has a far superior operating system and market penetration taking away the one shinny glowing hope that was iPhone. The T-Mobile commercials are a great example when you look at the MyTouch4G campaign.

iPad – Apple game changer or roadmap?

I LOVE iPAD, it’s been only a few weeks and I will say I hate Apple, but love iPad. The iPad is one of the most amazing technology accomplishments short or Gene Rodenberry imaginary warp drive and Star Trek. I had the Archos 101 and Archos 70 for a month running the Android 2.2 and while I loved the fact that I could work around issues with Android that I cannot with iPad, the truth is iPad leaves very little to work around (besides AT&T). The iPad provides a great user experience and I must say has left only a few common sense issues out and I expect they will fix those with the iPad 2 (4G) due out this Spring.

The only concern I see is that Google is a much stronger company then Apple. Google also now has a road map to work with from what the iPad has done and can do it with a larger market penetration. Should Google decide to push gTunes or Google Music, the all attractive iTunes which has really made the “i” series of products a success for Apple could be overtaken quickly. Google has two big pushes coming soon Android 3.0 which is the first Android design that will be tablet friendly and the Chrome OS which will eliminate the need for local storage and put us all on the cloud.

As for the time being, iPad is a great toy and a wonderful investment, if it gets Flash it will be hard to replace in the near future. I for one knocked the iPad as just another lousy closed market of “i” series Apple products, but I was wrong, maybe.

User Technology:

The current Technology that I have and use in my possession is:

  • Apple:
    1. Mac Book Pro,
    2. iPhone4 (AT&T),
    3. iPad,
    4. iPod Classic
  • Windows Based PC
    1. HP Desktop (2.83Intel, 8GB DDR2, 4TB HD, Blu-Ray Burner, etc)
    2. 10″ Acer Net book,
    3. Dell Inspiron 1501
  • Android
    1. G2 (T-Mobile),
    2. Archos 101 (Tablet),
    3. Archos 70 Tablet),
  • Household Members Tech:
    1. 15″ Gateway,
    2. iTouch (4thGen),
    3. Balckberry 9700,
    4.  MyTouch3G Slide, etc.



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