What is Advertising in comparison to Branding?

Advertising tells the world how great, useful, or exciting that your product or service is. Branding is when people know how great, useful, and exciting your product is without the advertisement. Advertising is a very important part of branding since the human mind forgets things very quickly and advertising reminds them of the brand.

The Brand is an experience in “an emotional economy, success is judged by a profound and indelible connection with people through sensory experiences” (Gobé, 2007), if you build a brand around the product alone then you will have missed the opportunity to build a genuine brand. The intangibles are as important, and in some services more important than the tangibles in branding.

  • Consistency is Important

To fully benefit the creation of a brand name, advertising should be done in a consistent manner that exemplifies what the brand stands for. This is very important when a brand is being created or developed so that people will remember your product or service when they make a purchase or require services that you perform. It is essential that there is a consistent look and feel to everything that is associated with the brand.

Branding is the perception that people have of a brand name. It includes their perception of the logo, packaging, and the products or services represented by the brand. Branding makes people think of your brand when they need a product or service that you offer. Advertising keeps the brand fresh in their mind.

  • Branding is a Mind Game

Branding is not always a tangible thing; branding is a sum of what people feel, think, or know about a product or service. It is a very real thing but it occurs in the mind; it is how a brand is perceived to be. Brand awareness must be promoted and sustained through marketing communications such as advertising.

The importance of a product, the delivery of the brand as well as the uniqueness of a particular brand should be stressed within the advertisement of the product. Why you need it; what it does; and what it does better than similar products are important benefits to emphasize when marketing a product or service provider. This is especially important in a tough economy when people are trying to save money and sometimes straying from their favorite brands.

  • Advertising Keeps a Brand on Your Mind

Advertising is very important to the creation and sustenance of a brand name. It keeps your product fresh in their mind which may make your brand the brand they chose to buy. Advertising helps make a brand memorable which is very important to a marketing plan.

  • Advertising to the Young

Advertising can also bring awareness of the products to different groups of people who may need or want the products or services that you sell. Young people are very brand conscious and although they don’t usually have their own money, their desires influence purchases made by adults in their family. This is the reason why many advertisements are geared towards the young. If you plan to capture the attention of this group, I suggest you think mobile first, internet video second, then down the line.



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