Social Brand Visibility:

A relatively new company,, founded in 2008, comes to answer a burning question: how to control your social media from one place.

Posting an update on will push it to different social media sites simultaneously. Users can update their status only once, without logging in to different sites.

At the moment their alliance reaches to more than 30 social media sites. Users can configure their account to connect to services like: Bebo, Blogger, Google Buzz, Delicious, Facebook, Friend Feed, Friendster, hi5,, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Plaxo, Yahoo 360 and more. might be a nice addition to everyday users, but for marketing professionals and social media experts it might be God-sent.

To make it even more useful the site has a character counter to make sure you don’t go over the 140 characters per tweet, and a “record video” link allows you to upload videos.

The dashboard allows you to set it up so you can ping from your e mail, instant message, mobile phones etc.

The only problem with has to do with your contact lists. If you have the same contacts in a few social media sites, they will be getting the same message from different sites, a fact that may annoy them.

At its core, social media sites are meant to be a communication platform, where you connect with people in a two way conversation. might turn it into one-way broadcasting mechanisms.

Approximately 37% of the site’s visitors are from the US, where it is ranked #746. It is also popular in Pakistan, where it is ranked #177.



  1. Thanks for posting. I’ve heard a lot about, but never got around to trying it out yet. I have a few issues with cross posting across social networks. Facebook posts tend to have more photos, and don’t translate well to Twitter. Tweets contain too many abbreviations and jargon to make sense on LinkedIn. I’ll have to dig into to see how they handle this!

    • I think it is like any other tool, you can’t just use it wildly, if you find a specific purpose for it it can grow your online visibility. i.e. I will run a good post or event announcment through it everynow and then. i.e. “Stay tuned, Google Social Search coming on Friday’s Blog”

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