Archos 101 Android Tablet to Release Monday

One of the most anticipated tablet releases in the US was held up recently. The Archos 101, which is to feature Android 2.2 was set to release in early October, and while the 8GB model was introduced to the market, techies everywhere where part of the hold out to get the 16GB which provides twice the internal storage at only $50 more, clearly a value worth waiting for.

The real question is how many will become available if Archos does indeed launch the Google Android Tablet this upcoming week? After all with so many holding out for the 16GB one has to wonder how they sold out so quickly of the 8GB….

Some feel that the 8GB was an easy choice as the Archos 101 features a micro SDHC slot allowing for expandable storage up to 32GB, with the option to be able to switch out the portable storage.

The Archos 101 features a powerhouse of technical specs all available on the site:

The one major flaw that the tablet seems to have is an extremly higloss screen, not that I will complain as my use is likely to be mostly indoors and feel that a matte screen protector is likely to pop up shortly.

On the WOW side of things, let’s start with flash and google sync, the Archos company seems to be limiting the Apps store to AdLibbs, but as we all know google is your friend, so expect workarounds to release 5minutes after its release and very simple ones at that.

Flash content is back on the rise now that webmasters everywhere are finding ways to streamline the loading time and creating websites that have a robot.txt pointing to what the search engines need to know to climb the rankings. The google suite of clanders, e-mail and document sharing make the android tablets an attractive business tool, oh and the screen is designed with multimedia in mind based on 16:9, not the iPad’s 4:3.

How do I know that the release is set for monday, well its no secret:

“We are estimating to see the Archos 101 16GB on our webstore as of this Monday.”

Thank you,Brian D – Archos Sales Support

(no spell check sorry heading out fast wanted to release ASAP)



  1. So, while we wait for clairifcation from Archos as to what the hhold up is on the Archos tablet, an unconfirmed source claims that their may be an intentional delay to release the US 16GB running the Android 3.0… interesting, but like I said this is an unconfirmed source.
    I would hold mor to the concept that they are ebing delayed by the factory because of the european demand for them.

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