Social Brand Visibility: Newsvine

Newsvine is a mix of news gathering agency and social media. It allows its members to see the latest news from the Associated Press and ESPN, post comments on them, share and discus items, and interact with other members.

The content is updated continuously and the site gives a reflection of what people are talking about at that moment. This side of their service is called “The Wire”.

Their user generated stream, called “The Vine”, allows members of the community to post links to interesting stories they found on the web, called “seeds”. It takes some time for any users “seeds” to be accepted. There is a period of germination in what they call ‘the Greenhouse’ before a posting source is considered reliable. That is done to ward off self-promotion.

Newsvine allows its members to post original articles as well, and even shares in the revenue when those articles are read.

Members can create private groups to share the news and discussions between them or public group where all the members can see what the group members are saying.

Newsvine says its members will receive 90% of revenue from advertisements that appears on their personal pages. These earnings are based on traffic to the articles and seeds, and have a complicated formula which is calculated based on 1000 page views. Getting rich off publishing articles on the site is not guaranteed by any means. The writer usually gets a few dollars a month for his/her most popular articles. Users who invest time in writing many articles can see as much as a few tens of dollars per month.

In the US, Newsvine has 1.2 million registered members.

Since 2007, Newsvine is now owned by, but operates independently.


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