Social Brand Visibility: Friendfeed

A mix of bookmarking and social media site, Friendsfeed enables you to share and discuss interesting things you have found on the web.

Users post, with a few simple clicks, links they found interesting. They share them with their friends and are able to converse immediately about what they have posted.

What’s more, Friend feed is also a real-time feed aggregator that consolidates updates from social media and social networking websites, social bookmarking websites, blogs and micro-blogging.

Friendfeed addresses the shortcomings of social media sites which facilitate tracking of their own members’ social media activities only. Friendfeed provides the facility to track these activities across a broad range of different social networks in one place. Users set the networks they want to receive updates from.

Friendfeed currently supports the following social networks/services:

Blogs, Brightkite,, Diigo, Digg, Disqus, Facebook, Flickr, Furl, Gmail/Google Talk, Goodreads, Google Reader, Google Shared Stuff, iLike, Intense Debate, Jaiku,, LibraryThing, LinkedIn, Ma.gnolia, Mister Wong, Mixx, Netflix, Netvibes, Pandora, Picasa Web Albums, Pownce, Reddit, Seesmic, SlideShare, SmugMug, StumbleUpon, Tipjoy, Tumblr, Twitter, Upcoming, Vimeo, Yelp, YouTube and Zooomr.

Friendfeed had on average one million monthly visitors. Users can be an individual, business or organization.

In August 2009 Friendfeed was bought by Facebook for $15 million in cash, and $32.5 million in Facebook stock. Bloggers complain that since the acquisition the site is not promoted as much as it did before.


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