Why Free is so profitable!

In the case of digital media and social media, giving it away is turning out to be quite a profitable business.

Every business owner has their niche or talent that makes their business a success, in many cases it requires long hours and a massive commitment to be success, or keep the business alive. If you’re an advertising or marketing professional, you should consider giving away some of your services for free. In doing so, your acting in faith that if you can show value to the business owner they will do business with you.

In some cases many people worry about giving up the trade secrets, and in case you’re curious the trade secret is google and YouTube. If you want to know about it, it’s likely a website, or blog and they give it away for free. Want to know how to do it, use the second largest search engine, YouTube and your likely to find a how to video that will walk you through it step by step.

The truth is teaching someone or telling someone, doesn’t mean they will have the time or talent to do it for themselves. Take Google Places, clearly google places is changing the way people find relevant local sources for service and goods, and in some cases places like automotive centers and florists just don’t have the time to take on simple tasks as listing their business with Google Places.

In the end it’s all about time and resource management, if you can show a business owner value in your service for free, then they know they will find value in the paid product and services you can offer as well.


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