AOL Lifestream Aims to Stream your Social Life

These days of information overload, a new class of ideas and companies have come into being. Those are the information aggregators, those who want to save you time by doing what they think you want to be doing.

Take AOL Lifestream for example; there are many social networks and sometime we have different friends in different networks. The more isolated we become, the more connected we want to be. It takes time to check and update them all. AOL Lifestream enables you to put all your social networks in one place for a quick check and update. It provides full visibility to your Social Brand!!!

AOL Lifestream was first introduced as part of the IM (Instant Message) system, but was re-launched later as a standalone application. It is available through a website, an AIR application, iPhones and Android phones.

This is how it works: – Let’s say you have friends on Facebook, you follow people on Twitter, MySpace, Foursquare, Delicious, Digg, Flicker etc. Lifestream will put all those connections in one place and you can see alerts from different friends and posts about your various interests without going to the individual site, logging in and waiting for the page to load. It allows you, of course, to publish back on those social sites as well.

Another advantage of the Lifestream is that it can be accessed through smartphones, making you continuously connected to your friends. You can take pictures with your phone and upload them immediately to all your social networks.

Another application allows you to follow your friends and see where they are at the moment. Using GPS and the status updates, you can see, on one screen, where your friends physically are at the moment. Are you around the corner from each other? Near by? Have time for coffee?

Their new feature and what makes Lifestream unique is the ability to follow places not just people. Let’s say you have a place you like to visit frequently like a corner bar or ice cream parlor. You can see, at any time which of your friends is currently there, if he chooses to post it.

Lifestream is simple to use, mobile, intuitive and useful. It’s a social network all on its own and an integrating system that lets you have all your friends in one place.


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