Social Media Review: Delicious

Delicious is a social network where users can past and share their bookmarks and discover new bookmarks other members of the service have posted.

The service, which was established in 2003 by Joshua Schachter and sold to Yahoo in 2005, had, by the end of 2008 more than 5 million users and 180 unique bookmarks.

Delicious has a list on its home page categorized into “hotlist”, “popular” and “recent” bookmarks and gives the viewer a combines view of other  people’s interests, which turns it into a displayer of internet trends and memes ( In simple terms, a meme is an inside joke that Internet users are in on.)

As one of the most popular internet social bookmarks service, Delicious uses simple interface, addresses that are checked by humans, a simple REST and RSS feeds for web syndication.

The service is growing and more and more bookmarks are posted every day. It can be used by all professionals to list site they want others to look at. Whether a teacher, a CEO or owner of small business who wants his colleagues to understand what they are talking about, they can create a tag that includes all the pages and sites they are interested in other to see. For students for example it can serve as a must reading list, bibliography or just a social network where they can post pages that will help other student learn.

What can it do for businesses? It gives an excellent measure of what advertising works and what doesn’t. You get an immediate feedback and you can see what kind of users bookmarked your website or page. It’s a place that can make your product go viral when many people are bookmarking and tagging your page.


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