BugleMe? Social Media’s Next?

Bugleme is a new arrival to the social media platform that uses the principal of Twitter but instead of written messages it used voice announcements. It is a subscription service that integrates audio calls and social networking in a new platform and allows celebrities to record telephone messages and have them delivered straight to their fans phones. It gives the celebrity and the fans a direct and immediate interaction. For example, here is a message on the website of the band Superchick:

“Hey Superchick fans! I wanted to let you know that you can sign up to get phone calls from me every week! I’ve signed up with something new called BugleMe… and when you subscribe, you’ll get voicemails from me sent to your cell phone weekly with updates about the band, personal life, books we’re writing, being newly married.​.​anything we’re in the mood to talk about, I guess! haha. Yes, it is really me, and I will tell you everything that is going on in my world. You can get a FREE TRIAL, so just sign up here:…”

The fans can interact with the celebrities by leaving them written or voice messages and ask questions.

Each celebrity has his own private community where their social content is placed. All the messages are archived so when someone joins in late he will get all the messages he had missed. Subscribers can post their own content within the celebrity’s community.

And with this, BugleMe opened the door to another form of advertising, where you can reach thousands of people with one post and advertise products relating to or endorsed to the celebrity.


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