Capitalizing on Social Media: Michigan State University

“Many MSU alumni have emerged as players in the newly emerging social media, a phenomenon that is revolutionizing traditional notions of marketing, communication and social relationships” (MSU Alumni Magazine 2010 Summer Issue).

This MSU Alum is sold, it seems that while others are content with their status quo, Spartans are starting to dominate the digital world and that includes Social Media. With one of the largest Alumni networks in the world it is no surprise that MSU would be at the front of Social Media, from advertising, recruitment and even alumni relations, it’s clear that MSUAA has hit the ground, flying? That’s right the number of MSU Alumni on Social media is sky high!

Take LinkedIn for example, the MSUAA currently has hundreds of comments about Spartan Alumni Job Opportunities as part of the over 20,000 MSUAA LinkedIn Members. That’s 20,000 where the average Alumni group has only about a third of that! Only the Long Horns boast more with 22,000, where University of Miami, Florida State, Alabama, Penn State, Iowa and more all have under 5,000.

“At the end of the day, you have to find new ways to add value to the world,” said Scott Westerman. “It’s about the friendships and relationships that you have gained” (MSU Alumni Magazine 2010 Summer Issue).

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MSU Rides the Social Media Wave!!!

“Think of what half a million people can do.” just a one line statement that exemplifies the experience and network that MSU offers.

“The Day we created an cancer saving drug began like any other” just one of the examples of the global impact that MSU has, had and will continue to make.

How about a campus tour? – What’s it like to live at MSU? – GO GREEN!!!

What about being part of a NCAA Division 1 Athletics program, talk about school spirit!!!

While MSU and the MSUAA seem to bolster a powerhouse of Social Networking opportunities online, let’s not forget that the nearly 500,000 alumni across the earth, which means you are as likely to run into one doing anything from helping an old lady across the street, to serving as a CEO of just about every other major company.

Basil C. Puglisi, is a member of the MSUAA and a Proud Member of the Graduating Class of 2005 from the School of Social Science at Michigan State University.


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