How to Make your Small Business Grow?

Sometimes it’s good to look at other small businesses and see how the owners made them grow.

Samy Liechi is a young entrepreneur out of Switzerland. At the age of 30, he had an idea for a business – he is going to sell exclusive man’s socks.

Today, 11 years later, he has sold over one million pairs of socks all over the world. How did he make it happen? Here is some of his advice for the budding entrepreneur.

Don’t wait too long – if you think you have a great idea, act on it quickly. Don’t overthink the business and don’t wait until everything falls into place. Do the design of the site the best you can, but not everything has to be perfect. 80% is good enough. You will learn the rest as you improve. It’s never really finished, is it?

Start Selling as soon as you can. A few small orders a day, even as few as 2 from family and friends, will start the business going and will put you in the mode of selling.

Make a plan – have company meetings every week and meet with your sales people for at least half an hour a week. Set those schedules ahead of time then you won’t have to waste time by trying to schedule a meeting. Everyone will have his weekly plan that will not change from week to week. Make a plan when you look at your finances. Looking at it every day might make you too anxious.

Have a marketing campaign – new business owners often make the mistake of thinking they can do it all by themselves. Outsource your work to experts but don’t think that with this your responsibility ends. Marketing companies need your leadership and your input to make things right.

And don’t stay behind the curve. Innovate your products and your website. If something is not working, think of ways to fix it. Consult with experts whose  job is to stay updated. Is there another way to do what you have been doing? Other venues that you didn’t think about?

If you are an entrepreneur, or just started up your own small business, you should contact the consulting firm Puglisi Consulting Group (, which through their visibility Acceleration arm ( are doing what every business should be doing; checking what works and what doesn’t, adjusting, finding out better ways of achieving the goal and having the tools to measure the results.


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