Unusual Ways of Defining Success

Is your business successful? You might think your are successful because you have a certain number of customers or have made a certain amount of money. But studies show that money does not buy happiness. In fact, a complicated set of factors contribute to each individual’s sense of success and happiness. Here are two unique ways to determine if your business is truly successful or not.

Does Your Business Line Up With Your Core Values?

In order to answer this question, you need to define what your core values are. Your core values should include what is important to you, not what is important to your business. Having a business that contradicts your core values is one way to ensure frustration, burnout and an unclear plan.

Core values can be anything that you believe is truly important. Some examples are integrity, education, self-reliance and health. Choose what resonates with you, not what you think others want to hear, what is trendy or what sounds right.

Once you have chosen one or more core values, assess how well your business lines up with these values at least once per year. Is your business furthering these values? If not, how can you change the business so that it aligns with your core values? Creating a business that is a reflection of your core values is a true sign of success.

What is Your Ideal Day?

Write down a realistic description of your ideal day. What are you doing from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep? Compare this list to what you actually do in a typical day. How well does it match up? If your ideal day closely corresponds to your actual day, you have a successful business on your hands. If not, take a look at which areas of your day don’t match. What changes can you make to change your actual day into an ideal day? Consider outsourcing unpleasant tasks or taking a chance on an initiative that could propel your business to the next level. Remember that a successful business brings personal happiness in addition to financial success.

So how does your business stack up? If you find that you are monetarily successful but not happy with the direction of your business, it’s time to stop and plan. Think of what truly defines your core values and happiness, and make small and steady changes to ensure that your business is a bona fide success.



  1. Philip Cappuccio says:

    Basil, this was well written and very succinct, getting to the heart of the matter. Everything, must flow out of our true sense of values!!

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