Who needs Consulting? I can do it by myself

When you embark on this new adventure called internet visibility, or internet presence, and you are a thorough individual you immediately come across offers upon offers of e-books, lectures, webimanrs, clubs and everything else, to help you understand how to use the internet to advertise your business.

You spend time and money downloading, reading, participating in group discussions, and you learn a whole lot of new things, but when you look back at your business, you think “Gosh, I’ve spent so much time learning how to do advertise it, I don’t have time to take care of my business”.

There is a lot to learn, and if your objective is to make money by opening websites with information only and have links and link backs to sites that do sell something, you are being used as a recruiting agent. And you get finder’s fee. But to be visible with information only site, you have to learn some more and you have to add content, all the time.

It is amazing, the amount of information you need to absorb to be knowledgeable about the internet, and there are so many people advertising the “how to” classes that you know they have turned it into their full time profession. They are not doing, they are teaching.

Of course there are the scams, that give you very little for your money or those who enlist you in a pyramid type business where the objective is to bring more participants, not sell a product or a service. In these tough economic times, people are looking to reinvent themselves in a new area, and the internet filled up with useless, one page sites.

Visibility on the internet is very important to your business, but so is doing what you do best, providing a product or a service.

You will hear about press releases, social networks, articles, blogging, email newsletters, videos, expert question sites and viral marketing, but to do what those people are writing about and recommending will take all of your waking hours.

When you have a small business, with a store front, you spend a little money on keeping the front clean, re painting, re carpeting, and you spend a little more to reach new customers to enrich the circle of repeat customers. Same goes for the internet and internet commerce. You have to put some money into the upkeep of your business to make it grow. And the competition is not only local anymore, it’s global.

But so is the reward.

Your best bet is to save time on research into an unfamiliar subject and hand it over to the experts. You will have the information without having to learn how to get it, you’ll have people that make a living by staying updated on the latest trends and markets and you can see your business take off.

One of those companies is the Puglisi Consulting Group (, and it has the experience in website solutions, linguistics, public policy, Business solutions higher education and life couching. Through their specialty arm Visibility Acceleration ( can tailor a campaign for your needs.

You either spend that time and money on learning something you don’t want to know, or you pay the experts to do it for you right, the first time.


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