Additional Ways to Increase Your visibility On Line

We all know the importance of being visible online. Whether we sell a product, perform a service or provide information, the way of the clients to find us is through the internet.

We’ve all heard about the simple ways of getting there; have a website, advertise on line, create e mail blasts, etc etc. This is the beginner’s stuff.

More advanced way to reach untapped new markets has to do with the language barrier. English is the most common language on the internet, but there is a vast crowd out there, that does not feel completely comfortable with the language.

Take Russia for example. Even though Russia is making huge strides toward a capitalistic economic system, and more Russians speak English, not all of them are comfortable reading and writing the language. This is an additional market of 170,000,000 people.

Or let’s look at languages, not countries. Spanish, for example. That’s another 332,000,000 people around the world. Chinese is spoken by 937,132,000 people. Of course not all of those billions have access to the internet, but those are potentially huge markets.

There are search engines in different languages, website that have a different ending, like or, which are the local listings for that country that you should be aware off and listed in.

That is not very complicated to do, since you have the layout of your site. Making the information and forms easily accessible and in the country’s language will increase your visibility all over the world.

It is not just a saying that the Web is World Wide.

To help you embark on this new adventure, you should consult with experts that have done that before, and have people that read, write and speak both languages. The Puglisi Consulting Group (  is such a company that has explanations on its website in different languages. Through their company Visibility Acceleration ( they are the experts in operating in different languages and will advise you what you should do.


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