Digital Visibility – What is it all About?

The world is changing very fast, and new trends appear, some to disappear even before they are launched. Businesses had to adjust to the new fast paced world or disappear. It is sometimes hard to believe this or that kind of trend will catch to find out you are completely wrong. And if you are not watching it closely, you might be left in the dust.

Look at what happened with newspapers. For a long time they fought tooth and nail with the internet, waiting for the news part of it to crash and burn. It didn’t happen, and slowly, too slowly for some, the written print started migrating to the electronic news gathering. These days every respectable newspaper has a website with all the news of the day on it, updating much faster than ever before. What used to be the domain of CNN, is now the field of many. New York Times will start charging for its website next year, and everybody is holding their breath to see if it’ll work. If this business model will, the written press might cease to exist all together. If not, they will be looking at other business models.

The music industry went through a major change is purchasing habits. Mega stores went out of business because suddenly there was no need for them. Everybody was downloading their music illegally from the internet.  The popular music was still very much in demand, but the internet offered quicker, more diverse and free music. The way the music industry fought it was to reign in the illegal downloads and enable the fans legal downloads for less than a dollar.

The movie and film industry are facing the same problem at the moment. How to reign in the illegal downloads the studios estimate cost them in the billions. Those who legged behind on the download wave, like Blockbuster, are going under. The company is about to announce bankruptcy will a debt of 1 billion dollars. Netflix and its fast turnover had a lot to do with it too.

The advertising industry went through a quite change that was not as dramatic. The ads still work, the television spot (if they are not zapped by TiVo) still bring costumers, but a whole new world opened up called Internet Marketing, and this world is changing in a neck breaking speed.

Websites have become the properties of many. People figured out ways how to advertise without really selling anything, by linking to other sites that did do the selling. The amount of users of the internet far excessed any known medium, and any new program that becomes popular, like Twitter, is securitized and maximized to generate profit.

What seems easy, because it can be done from a home computer, at all hours of the day or night, is anything but. This is a complex of many programs that can be tied to one another and aimed at creating link backs, visibility, presence and commerce.

It is enough to watch the video presentation on a site like Visibility Acceleration to understand how intricate it is. If you really want to make an impact in today’s market, a company like that one, who is a subsidiary of Puglisi Consulting Group, can show you the way and tailor your campaign to your budget.


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