Business Growth: Issue 27 – Know How to Hire

As your business grows, you quickly realize that you can’t do all the work by yourself.  Finding people that you can trust is difficult, and just a few bad hires can send your business into a tailspin.  Take the time to make sure that you adhere to these simple hiring tips.

Interview, Interview, Interview

Your first stop for new hires will likely be your close network of friends, families and former co-workers.  This is an excellent starting point, because these are the people that you know and trust the most.  However, don’t stop there.  Cast a wide net during the interview process.  Post jobs online and through any professional or collegiate networks that you belong to.  You never know where the best candidates might come from, and by interviewing a wide variety of people, you will get a better idea of what  you do and do not want in a new employee.

Be Honest

As you craft job descriptions, be brutally honest in what the job entails and what you expect in new employees.  If the job title is “Warehouse Logistics Executive”, but the employee will mostly be performing m annual labor in a warehouse, consider changing the job title to “Warehouse Personnel” to attract the correct candidates.  If you expect new employees to be available during off hours or on the weekends, state that in the job description.  There is no use sugar coating the details or making the job sound different than what it really is.  Deception might attract some great candidates, but these employees will quickly become disgruntled as they realize the true nature of the job. 

However, do be sure to list the highlights of the position.  If you offer great benefits, flexible hours or extra vacation, be sure to include that in the job description.

Pay Attention to Culture

Before you hire, be sure to consider the culture of your company.  Do you want the work environment to be laid back and collegial, or quiet and professional?  Seek out candidates that fit with the culture that you are trying to create.  Hiring people that fit together culturally is key to creating a healthy work environment and happy and productive employees.

Know When to Say No

Interviewing is a personal and intense process.  It can be difficult to say no to candidates, but it is extremely important to know when to say no.  Remember that just one bad hire can take up time from other productive employees, and just one unhappy employee can bring down an entire company’s morale.  Say no and move on to the most qualified candidates.

 Hiring new employees takes a lot of resources for a small business, but finding the right people is critical to success.


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