Why consultants are a must for every business owner!

The hardest part of being a business owner is almost always the lonely perch or the glass floor the partnership is initially created on. As a business owner you really can’t ask an employee how you are doing… well at least with the intent on possibly getting the harsh truth you may need.

The hardest part about employees is that you recruited them! That’s right, you selected them, which means that they fit into a specific set of guidelines, experiences or education that you value. As such they are not bringing a new perspective that will really jolt the direction or growth of your business.

Why Consultants are a must

The consultant provides you an opportunity to think outside the box, consider issues, policy and procedures that are not influenced by budget limitations, family input or employee’s self-serving influence. The consultant should have an experience and preferably an education that brings value to your business. A consultant can also be a temporary fixed cost that is easily dismissed if they bring no results. They should also bring an opinion that is not bias because of fear of your supervision.

Beyond your script or plan

The concept behind having a consultant comes from the need to grow! Your business is likely already successful because of what your brought to it, be it hard work, ideas, capital whatever. The role of the consultant is to give you a snapshot of where you’re at and where you can go, and how!

A case for value

Consultants provide you with a valuable tool and personal that you may not be able to supply or provide just yet. Take Social Brand Reputation Management, the concept is so complex and solved so simply.

A company or business wants to protect their brand, product or anything else. To hire a Public Relations employee might be 40k-80k, but to protect their brand online or to promote the business with social media they may spend hours and hours of their time or again hire a technology staff of 1 or 2 at an additional cost of 30k – 80k, that could be $160,000 plus benefits!!! A consulting service who services 4-10 clients in this subject will likely charge a fraction of that and be better connected to media sources and technology because they cover a wider scope of clients.


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