Don’t Say “No” Before you Read 140 Characters

In the last “State of the Union” speech President Obama gave, some politicians could be seen were busy twitting their remarks about what they just heard. Comedians do it too, to increase their audiences, and if the tweets are funny, they have a following. It’s for fans as well as a way to feel close to their idol. Justin Bieber tweets when he goes to eat, telling his fans what kinds of food he likes.

Twitter is a marketing tool as well and if it is used right can be a very useful tool. Here are a few examples how it can work:

–          A Global Communication company established an account. For a short time they learned the ropes, tried a few things but nothing big happened. The man in charge of the account found out there is a third company application that will alert him to tweets which contain certain words. Not long after, he got one of those from a company that is looking to revamp their communications and asked for recommendations. The man called the company, and less than two weeks later closed a deal for $250,000. He was there at the right time in the right place

–          A small independent Ice Cream shop in San Francisco had no money for advertising, but wanted to increase their circulation. A twitter account enabled them to stay in touch with their regular customers and let them know every time a new flavor is introduced. The reaction is amazing, says the shop co-owner. Every time they tweet about a new flavor, the response is immediate. Almost every customer that walks in asks for this flavor and more and more new customers are joining their ‘community’.

–          A bake shop owner in Los Angeles uses twitter in another way. She likes to experiment with new recipes but can’t afford to wait and see if the new creation will sell. Instead she tweets, and asks her followers to voice their honest opinions. Much cheaper then making a batch of muffins that don’t sell, or investing money in research and polling. Her latest muffins, with bacon, went through 3 changes fuelled by twitter comments before it became one of her best sellers.

These are only 3 examples how small business owners use Twitter accounts. It’s not enough anymore to just open an account and hunt for followers. Twitter is a tool and you have to know how to use it to maximize your exposure.

That is not so easy to do, when you do not know all the possibilities. By hiring someone who does know how to make it work for you, you get an exposure that costs you very little money compared with an advertising campaign. Visibility Acceleration ( is a company that deals with electronic media and increasing your visibility in the market place. A subsidiary of Puglisi Consulting Group (, it can provide you with the knowledge and the connection to make every available electronic media work for your benefit and increase your business.


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