Getting Ahead in Today’s Economy

Small businesses has been historically the backbone of the American economy, employing more than 50% of the work force.

Small businesses are also the ones who were hit the hardest by the economic downturn. Employment numbers published on 8/19/2010 tell another grim story. Not only they did not recover yet, but they continue to shed jobs.

No bailout money, banks that want assurances and proofs and won’t loan to small businesses unless their credit score is very high and the turnaround very profitable, collateral to secure loan that has shrank due to the low real-estate markets, all those contribute to an atmosphere of trepidation.

The result? Starting a business today or keeping the one you have, has become more and more difficult.

Business needs clients and the clients are still worried about the future today as they were almost two years ago. They would rather save than spend. Usage of credit cards has gone down as well, as customers prefer to buy what they have cash for today and not rely on credit and future payments.

Even the White House and the Finance Secretary Tim Geitner admit that the economy is not moving in the pace they hoped it would.

So when you set out to establish a new business, or trying to keep the one you have, there’s one thing you should keep in mind; the Internet is a great marketing tool.

With considerably less money than what you would have spent on advertising in the old world in print, radio, television, billboards,  mobile advertising (on truck and cars) or event advertising, you can get exposure that is not only localized but worldwide. The internet and fast shipping made the location issue irrelevant. Now you can reach customers in different corners of the world as easy as if they were in the next town.

But to harness that great power, you need something you needed years ago – knowledge.

The mistake most people make is to think that if the computer is in their house, they can advertise as much as they want and not pay for it, and it is nobody’s business how they do it, as long as they have the high speed connection.

Advertising through the World Wide Web is a profession just like the ad agencies you see today on the television show “Mad Men”. The Internet has some rules and regulations, there are things you can and can not do and there are fines to deal with and bans to overcome.

Internet marketing includes many elements of advertising; Websites, Social Media, Mobile phones, SEO marketing, PPC advertising, e mail marketing and some of the old media elements like mailers, fliers and special events.

To maximize your potential, you should turn to a company that specializes in Internet Marketing like the Puglisi Consulting group and their specialty arm for creating Internet visibility called Visibility Acceleration. They can show you the main road to Internet visibility without taking you on a tour of trials and errors through the small streets that lead to dead ends. It is your money and you’d rather spend it on getting ahead in today’s economy.


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