For Small Businesses, Online Visibility is a Must

Despite what small business owners think, they might not be doing enough to increase their online visibility.

Online visibility is one of the most important tools in the kit of the small business owner. Whether you operate from a store front, the garage or the bedroom, whether you are in the service industry or selling a product – online visibility is your advertisement. And no business exists without advertising.

 A comparative research done in San Diego, California, of 194,000 small businesses, revealed that most of them have a low to medium visibility on the internet. Only a small percentage hit the high mark.

 As a business owner, the first step to increase visibility is to have a website. There are rules to what is considered a useful site. It does not, however, always go hand in hand with the aesthetics of the site. Picture is better than a thousand words, they say, but not always in the internet world.

 The second step would be to be listed in local directories. The more directories you are listed in, the more people happen to find you.

 And that is where the effort usually stops. 

In today saturated internet that is not enough. There are ways to increase your presence that go many steps forward. Most of them are not extremely expensive and should be considered your advertisement budget.

 Advertising online includes steps to optimize your site for a better search engine placement, so your site will be on the front page of the search engine and not buried in page 35 of Google. (Have you ever been there in your personal searches?)

 Advertising on line sometimes means just that. Ads that are placed on result pages of search engines (PPC they are called – Pay per Click), when you pay Google advertising fee only when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your site. It means putting banners and ads inside websites and other solutions as well.

 Advertising on line means creating social media pages, and writing on them. It means being present in article sites that link to your site, it means creating a blog and updating it.

Advertising on line means creating videos and placing them in the right places. It means linking all those elements together with everything leading to your business.

Small business owners who have not invested yet in online advertising have the most to gain. The point being is not to be the first, but to be among the chosen few, detached from the crowd.

The shortest and most economical way to achieve all that is to contract visibility experts like Puglisi Consultants and their Visibility Acceleration arm You can do some of it yourself, but the field is developing very quickly and there is so much to learn to avoid costly mistakes. From a business sense – isn’t it best to leave it to the experts who constantly update their knowledge for a living?


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