Marketing in the Internet Age

It used to be simple; you would hire someone to design a website for you, put some pictures, graphs, numbers, and post it on the internet.

As far as you were concerned – your name was out there, your business advertised, you got your money’s worth.

But things have changed. Throughout the years information kept coming in, into this absorb-all, Ethernet. It kept coming in, but hardly going out. The World Wide Web has becomes saturated with websites.

It only got worse when Google followed a business model of ads, PCP, Adsense and more. Millions all over the world started to figure out a way to make money by providing ad space to advertisers. E-commerce was born when people open information websites to link them to businesses for a cut of the sale.

With a crowded marketplace it is not so easy to get visibility. Research shows that most of the searchers on the big search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) look mainly at the first page of the results. In order to get the clients, you need to be high up on the list, preferably in the first few positions.

How to do that became a highly specialized field. To understand it you have to know how Google, for example, scans the pages of a new website that is posted, what does it see and what it doesn’t. Graphs and pictures are not seen by the scanners for example. While it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, it is not the case with the logarithms of Google.  How those scanners (or spiders in professional language) scan the page is another thing you need to know. Do they start from the top? From the bottom? How do they categorize their scans?

What words, or a combination of words, will bring the most results is another issue. How to place those words so the spiders can read them and categorize your site the way you want it, have another set of rules.

Words matter the most in building sites that will rank high on Google and create the most visibility. Volume of the site – how many pages, is another category. Google is watching very closely and places fines on users that are abusers. That is called the “Google slap”, and when you are slapped, it is not easy to reverse it.

This is what Puglisi Consulting Group ( specializes in, through their Visibility Acceleration ( company. How to make your site more visible, how to use social media to increase it, how to use e mail campaigns, mobile phones, even old methods of print and radio ads is their expertise. Your website, and your business, will not only be out there, it will increase the visitors, and buyers, coming to your business.


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