The Marketing Power of the Written Word

Using articles as a marketing tool for small businesses, has been known to be a very cost effective way to increase traffic to your site, increase its visibility on search engines pages, and increase sales  with relatively small effort and very low cost.

The main objective of your website is to generate clients. And that starts with generating traffic and increasing your visibility on the World Wide Web.

There are many ways of generating traffic and with most of them you keep spending money. Since the internet is such a vast ocean of information, getting visitors to you site, through a ‘back door’, can increase you traffic and what’s more, will convert clicks and visitors to sign ups and sales.

Two things have to be considered when talking about internet advertising; the huge amount of information out there which keeps renewing and updating every second and the short attention span of the reader.

Your site might be the most colorful and eye popping, but it is the content on the page that will make the reader stay. This is the face of your company. A bunch of numbers and specs will not do it anymore.

So, the first way to use articles is to make sure your landing page is tempting.

Renewing the page location on the search engines (SERP)  is made up of, among other things, the volume of your site and the new information added. Having a blog on the site and writing in often, is another way to generate a better location on the page.

The third way is ‘the back door’ way, which proved to be very efficient.

Let’s face it, internet took over our lives. It is our key to the libraries of the world and it brings the information back fast. When someone is trying to solve a problem, or make a purchase and types a combination of words, the information that comes back has something to do with the word combination, on top of the words themselves. And what might sit there, at the top of the Google search page, if no other than an article that someone wrote dealing with a similar problem, with the same word combination.

If the title and the sub title are catchy, the searcher will click to read the article – which has a back link to your site.

You’ve created a connection with a highly potential customer.

The more articles of yours are out there, the more exposed your site will become.

There’s an art and a way to those articles to make them affective. You’ll hear talk about mysterious words such as “keywords”, “SEO”, “SERP” and other terms, so you might want a professional write the articles on your behalf.

At you’ll find such experts. The mystery will become a mastery of the written word and you’ll see the marketing power of the written article in action.


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