Promotional Social Interactive – FourSquare

Promotional Social Interactive – FourSquare

My reaction to AOL cover story 

FourSquare was developed a short time ago. As a Social Media application it was met with the “So what,who cares” as Twitter and Facebook seem to be the only Social Tools that the masses have taken to.

FourSquare uses Twitter and Facebook to deliver its content and purpose…. WHAT?

That’s right, FourSquare’s update “micro blog” posts to both Twitter and Facebook.  However,  if you are an avid Twitter user you already can set your tweets to syndicate on facebook.

What does this mean?

Well, this means that FourSquare leverages the followers and friends to maximize exposure, communication and interaction. The interaction is the new “oooohhh” shiny toy. FourSquare is a location- based application that allows users and businesses to interact and promote on a mobile level that Twitter and Facebook are yet to capitalize on.

FourSquare uses locations and has tips and the coveted “Mayor” status. Let’s talk about Starbucks, the location is at, yes you guessed it, Starbucks…. so you go to Starbucks, your favorite location and you “check in here” the mobile application logs you in, detects your location and then lets you “micro blog” or tweet what you want. You get points for checking in at that location and all your friends, FourSquare, Twitter and Facebook now know you’re at Starbucks, even if your tweet didn’t say Starbucks the location and link does. Now that’s direct advertising. In addition to you blasting out your location and hoping someone else nearby sees and decides to stop in and say hello, you can read about tips, deals or specials as posted by that location or other visitors.

Mayor status: Once you have checked into a location, over the course of sixty days, more then anyone else you become the mayor for being the frequent visitor. The Mayor status is an opportunity for the business, i.e. Starbucks by me offers a free coffee or half price Frap anytime the mayor visits the location.

Tips: This little feature can really help you be the winner, let’s say you go to Paces Steak House in Port Jeff, NY. The Tips section can tell you to ask for a “Fun Platter”.  This local treat is not on the menu and unless you ask for it they are not giving it to you. The “Fun Platter” is a mix of Steak, Salad, Seafood, Olives, Fresh Clams and more…now without FourSquare Tips you may have missed out on this opportunity.

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We know why you should know this…..



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