Using the “No Follow” to generate visitors

Using the “No Follow” to generate visitors

The biggest misconception in Search Engine Marketing is the SEO goof of  “Do Follow” and “No Follow” and it’s not surprising. Like most people,  SEO experts have gotten so narrow in their mathematical equation for site rank they have totally missed a valuable resource.

SEO is just one part of SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) in that Search Engine Optimization is one tool to drive traffic to a website. In the business world it’s about traffic.  No one cares how they find you as long as you get found. While SEO is a valuable tool,  it has fallen short with the algorithmic decision to abandon “No Follow” links.

SEO Experts decided that because search engines like google have taken the value away from links that follow the “No Follow” the Search Engine Optimizers target only Blogs, Text Links and other sources that provide SEO credibility. Any website that has a “No Follow” has developed into a source of no value.  This could not be further from the truth.

AOL, Wikipedia and others are better sources for traffic then any “Do Follow” Link in any blog. The SEO process for a website is valuable and worthwhile for anyone in business for the long run, “Do Follow” links support this process, however websites will rarely be able to compete with sources like AOL Small Business and Wikipedia. These sources have proven to be valuable locations to verify and learn, as such,  reading AOL Small Business articles and responding to them with positive feedback or add on educational info captures more visitors and higher quality visitors who are more likely to convert to clients or customers. Wikipedia is a top source for information, while academia has tried to undervalue its credibility it has failed miserably. Wikipedia is the source of “two heads are better than one” and so on.

So when an SEO expert starts taking the time to develop a visibility campaign to create and increase traffic, take the time to remind them that you need as many good quality “No Follow” links as you do “Do Follow” links.

Visibility by the Puglisi Consulting Group


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