A day without a Blog, or is it?

It is generally a good idea to create a schedule and follow it when blogging. In my case, I was trying to do it each weeknight. The issue with that type of saturation becomes, does your blog have value? Is your post useful?

Today was a busy day and some new information came to hand, especially surrounding a new type of Social Media, but perhaps jumping into it might not be the best bet. Reflection like other forms of evaluation is an art that is most impressive when you actually use it.

In this case I decided that today’s blog would be about taking a step back from the blog, while you can still publish something, perhaps going off beat a little will be refreshing and allow you to return to the next publication with a snap in your step and an impressive publication in your blog.

The purpose of this post.  Ttake the time to review what you’re going to write about, if it’s just for the purpose of staying on schedule or maintaining a impressive post count, you might want to rethink this before proceeding.



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